A World of Wonders

Who hasn’t heard about the spectacular Victoria Falls? They have been roaring for 150 million years and were discovered by the famous explorer David Livingstone in November 1855. Situated on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, they are one of the most spectacular natural wonders, awe inspiring and magical, well worth the visit.


Lake Kariba, lessor known but wild and untouched, has unique water and land based safaris… For those seeking something different and “out of the way”, Mana Pools, The Matopos Plains, Hwange National Park offer unique experiences. This country “less travelled” will take your breath away…


We pride ourselves on creating personalised tours that cater for particular interests, tastes, needs and budgets. We do, however, recommend certain itineraries above others as some routes, hotels and destinations are simply better than the alternatives.


Namibia, Botswana & Victoria Falls Self Drive (18 Days)





Zimbabwe can be visited any time of the year. The best game viewing time is in the Dry season, May to October, when animals congregate around the rivers and waterholes. This is especially true in Hwange where the artificially pumped waterholes attract many animals, including big herds of elephant. The best time to see Victoria Falls is from May through September.



International flights to Harare.

Otherwise 2 daily flights to Victoria Falls from Johannesburg are secured by BA and SAA.



Zimbabwe is full of beauty and awe. places like Victoria Falls, Great Zimbabwe, Kariba come to mind but also Mana Pools designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Matopos.



There is no risk of yellow fever in Zimbabwe. The government of Zimbabwe requires proof of yellow fever vaccination only if you are arriving from a country with risk of yellow fever.

Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before every trip.

Recommended vaccines before you go: Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid.

There is Malaria in the country therefore please consult your doctor prior traveling.



Zimbabwe has 16 official languages. English, Shona and Ndebele are the most widely spoken languages in the country. Approximately 70% of the population is Shona speaking and speak Shona as their first language



The Zimbabwean Dollar is not available anymore. US Dollar is the main currency used in the country.



Depending on your nationality you will either: not need a visa, can be granted visa at the port of entry upon payment of the visa fee or will be required to apply for and obtain a visa prior to traveling.



Most lodges have got a tip box for the staff of the lodge which get distributed evenly. The ranger gets his own tips since he spends an average of 8 hours with the client. About USD5 to USD10 per day per person for staff & ranger would be a good start.